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Danhostel Esbjerg 5 bed room

Varenummer: Danhostel Esbjerg 5 bed room


Danhostel Esbjerg 5 bed room

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Room for 5 persons with shared toilet and shower facilities with other rooms.
Danhostel is a beautiful hostel with a fantastic atmosphere situated 100 m. from venue.
Distance to city centre: 2,2 km.
The price for accommodation is included breakfast + internal shuttle from city centre to venue and back.

IT is possible to stay 5 people together in one room The Price for 1 nights will then be DKK 260 per night.

Please note that the room is small consisting of 2 bunk beds (wilth room for 4 people) and one pull-out-bed.

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Varenummer: Danhostel Esbjerg 5 bed room
Esbjerg Kommune - Torvegade 74 - 6700 Esbjerg - Telefon 76161616 - E-mail - CVR 29189803
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