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The Course - Port of Esbjerg since 1868

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The Course - Port of Esbjerg since 1868 is the English version of the book, The Port of Esbjerg, published on April 24th 2018. 150 years earlier King Chr. IX signed a law about the construction of a harbour at Esbjerg and a railway to connect it with the rest of Denmark. Esbjerg was then only a small settlement with two farms, three houses and a population of 23. The construction was quite a disruption in the otherwise quiet farming community but the influx of money and more than 400 construction workers initiated a development no one had predicted or expected. In Esbjerg only the sky was the limit. Everything grew and kept growing. From the beginning the harbour had 250 meters quay - 150 years later there was 14 km. The population was 13,000 i 1901 and more than 116,000 in the new municipality from 2007, which was also called Esbjerg. 

The first section of the book deals with the port itselt, the second is about the people who worked there. The authours are historians as Morteh Hahn-Pedersen, Flemming Just, Mette Slyngborg, Jørgen Dieckmann Rasmussen, Lulu Anne Hansen, René Toudal Poulsen and Søren Byskov.
Deitors: Lulu Anne Hansen, Søren Byskov, Flemming Just and Lars Hyldahl Brockhoff.

194 pages, hardback, illustrated. 

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